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What are some of the notable data protection and privacy laws in the world?

These are some of the notable legislations globally involving data protection and privacy:

Short NameName in FullCountry / Region Year of introduction / Remarks 
GDPRGeneral Data Protection RegulationEuropean Union2018
CCPACalifornia Consumer Privacy ActCalifornia, USA2018
LGPDLei Geral de Proteção de DadosBrazil2021
POPIAProtection of Personal Information Act South Africa2013
CPPAConsumer Privacy Protection Act (Formerly known as PIPEDA)Canada Scheduled 2021
DPAData Privacy ActPhilippines2012
APAAustralia Privacy ActAustralia1988
DPBData Protection BillNigeria2019
PDPLPersonal Data Protection LawBahrain2018
APPIAct on the Protection of Personal Information Japan2003
PIPAPersonal Information Protection ActSouth Korea2011
PDPAPersonal Data Protection ActSingapore2012
PDPAPersonal Data Protection ActMalaysia2010
PDPAPersonal Data Protection ActThailandScheduled 2022
PDPAPersonal Data Protection ActIndonesiaPending
PDPBPersonal Data Protection BillIndiaPending
PIPLPersonal Information Protection LawChinaPending

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