Fun & Exciting Way to Learn Cyber hygiene & Data Protection

Who is Data Heist designed for?

Data Heist was designed for two major groups of people – Employees and Students.  

The first are employees of organizations that include corporations, small medium sized enterprises and even non-profit organizations. Data Heist is a game that will allow employees to interact, have a good time together and learn about data protection and cyber hygiene topics. We understand that cyber security and data protection may not be the most exciting topics but yet training and awareness are critical to ensure that employees remain safe from threats and vigilant to attacks and lapses. Data Heist is a good alternative to classroom and non-interactive online webinars.

The second is target group are students particularly those in high school and college. These are probably the heaviest users of the internet lapping up terabytes of bandwidth in social media and gaming apps. Yet many of them are oblivious to the dangers online. Furthermore, data protection and personal cyber hygiene is typically not a mainstream topic in any school. With the increasing use of the internet, it has become an urgent need to educate them on the dangers that lurk online. Moreover, they are at the age where their fundamental values are being shaped. Thus, it is imperative that we educate youth on what is right; i.e., the right and ethical way of handling data so that they will not condone the acts of hackers. And perhaps one day we have a society free of hackers, but rather a society of collaborators who share data for a better future for everyone. A pipe dream some may say, yet I believe with the right education and nurture, one youth a time, we will one day reach the light at the end of the tunnel. 

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