Fun & Exciting Way to Learn Cyber hygiene & Data Protection

Why is it important to teach Data Protection and Personal Cyber Hygiene?

These are increasingly important topics as we progress into the Internet age because data is a precious asset for organizations. Unfortunately, data is also sought after by several threat actors for not so noble goals and thus posing cyber security risks to organizations big and small. Often threat actors may make use of data to scam individuals or exploit weaknesses of organizations. Moreover, legislations all over the world are starting to introduce data protection and privacy laws where there are obligatory requirements for organizations to protect personal data in their possession. 

Organizations spend a lot on technical cyber security capabilities because it does reduce the risk. Yet, despite good technical defenses, the disturbing truth is that the carelessness and oversight of employees still contribute to a large number of data breaches. Constant education and reminders play an important role to keep cyber hygiene at top of mind and that’s what Data Heist can do to help by providing an engaging experience that sticks.

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